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meet anthony brewer

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Team Brewer Karate Center in Hayward
5th Degree Black

Mr. Anthony Brewer is the owner and head instructor of Team Brewer Karate Center, located in Hayward, CA.

He is a former Sport Karate World Fighting Champion, a 3-time United States Jujitsu Fighting Champion, and a member the USA World Team. Mr. Brewer is a 5th Degree Black Belt, Certified Fitness Trainer and has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years.

He is a distinguished public speaker, served as a consultant and has written teaching and training articles. His style of training is progressive yet deep rooted in traditional values, overall fitness and a positive mindset.

As an accomplished instructor and martial arts champion, Anthony Brewer has taught seminars throughout the U.S. His teaching philosophy provides students with an effective real world self-defense program, as well as a means for personal growth, character development and overall fitness.

Our staff at Team Brewer Karate has the confidence and belief that anyone can succeed in any of our programs while having a lot of fun doing so. Students will learn many different techniques and skills and will feel a sense of accomplishment. Team Brewer Karate is committed to providing the highest quality training available and is proud to say that we will give you a positive learning environment in which individuals from all ages can benefit from.

No matter what abilities you are made of, we guarantee that you will be treated with common courtesy and recognition. We strive for our students’ happiness and will do everything in our power to make sure our students are learning, building, growing and having a great time.



Passionate Instructors Who Really Care

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get is about our instructors. The men, women & children of our community just can’t get enough of their passion and enthusiasm. That’s because martial arts isn’t a “hobby” or something our instructors just “do on the weekends.” It’s something they believe in. Something that’s embedded into every area of their lives.

And our instructors can’t help but pass along this enthusiasm and passion onto every student they encounter. They’re motivational, encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable. Have a question? A challenge? A problem? They’ve got you covered.

An Uplifting, Clean & Safe Environment

Martial arts training requires weapons-handling, falling and landing on cushioned mats, and doing exercises and drills that require getting down on the floor. As such, we take great pride in keeping our matted floors impeccably clean, and our equipment safe and up to date. You’ll have no worries working with our equipment. And the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll notice that we take great care of our studio – because we want you to have a great experience here.


Entire families train with us here. Kids train with kids. Adults train with adults. Lots of our members live within walking distance of each other, and many are friends outside of our classes. The result: a close, family-like sense of community here. And the moment you join our classes, you’ll feel right at home with this community.


One of the moat important benefits of our classes is the impact they’ll have on your physical health and fitness. Both kids AND adults get great workouts here! But these aren’t just any old workouts. They won’t just make you stronger. They’ll make you more coordinated, more balanced. more flexible, and more energized.

This is so important in the modern society we all live in. After all, when do any of us have time to exercise any more? These days, it takes true commitment to reach those fitness goals, and we’re here to help you and your children every step of the way.

It’s hard to do it on your own. It’s 100x easier when you have an awesome family like ours on your side.


Back in the day, hundreds of years ago, you’d never see “martial arts” and “fun” in the same sentence! Well, a lot has change since then, and most of us are no longer training for battle!

We’re training to get fit, feel confident, learn self-defense, increase our focus, and… have FUN.

That’s why every class is a great mix of both hard work and challenging tasks, as well as light-hearted fun that’ll have you and your kids smiling and laughing. But don’t get me wrong! You’ll work hard here – as hard as you’re willing to. But it’s done in a fun way that makes training enjoyable.

After all, the more you enjoy it, the more you’ll come to class. And the more you come to class, the more results you get.

Students who have been training for a while help out the beginners. Exercises often require partners, and students take advantage of this to encourage and cheer each other on.

No one is competing with anyone else here. No one is trying to “show off” or “out do” the next guy. Everyone just wants to learn and grow and help each other out.